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Why I Make Black Ass Content

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Being a woman in comedy is difficult. Being a black woman in comedy is a hot ass mess. We are deemed unfunny, angry, loud, oversexualized etc etc etc. I love creating content that highlights how diverse black women are. I can be loud and mad, don't get it twisted! But I am also soft, sensitive, thoughtful, intelligent and brave. Often times you will hear comedians say "find your voice." I don't think our "voices" are found because they live within us. You have to EMBRACE your voice. During quarantine I woke up and said to myself "What if NBC never calls and the mainstream media never laugh? What if white guys keep telling you you're not funny? What if only black people were your fans. Would you be satisfied?" The answer was hell yea, TF you mean! There are over 21 million black women in the US. Imagine having 21 million fans that FEEL YOU! That's when I said "it's settled." I will create black ass content. Does that mean you can't enjoy if you aren't black? Hell no. Pants were made for men and look at us. It just means that I've finally embraced my voice.

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Love this for you and us because I’m one of the 21 million that love what you offer the world !

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